Retirement Planning

Pension Consolidation and Transfers

Have you accumulated numerous pensions over your working life from different employers? Unless you have only ever had one job, then most of us will have more than one pension.

Managing and tracking the performance of all your pensions can be cumbersome and time consuming job, but long-forgotten pension plans left unchecked could be under-performing and not giving you the best return.

There are advantages and disadvantages to transferring pensions and transferring or consolidating depends upon your personal situation.

How We Can Help You

We understand that getting the best out of your pension isn’t easy - but we can help. If you want the comfort and security of knowing your pension is performing the best it can be, our team is on hand to guide you through the entire pension consolidation and transfer process.

We will review your existing pension arrangements and advise on your current investments ensuring they are in line with your attitude to risk and objectives.

Being proactive with your pension can be the difference between retiring when you want you and having to defer your retirement.

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