Our Consultative Process

Our Consultative Process

Our Consultative Process consists of the following three stages:

Stage 1 - The Financial Plan

  • We offer an initial discussion (without charge) when we will describe our services fully and explain the payment options.

  • This involves a comprehensive review of your finances and financial objectives. We will ask you to complete our questionnaire.  The more information you are prepared to give, the more we will understand you and what you need.

  • Within this questionnaire is a risk assessment. We ask you to complete this as a starting point so that we can discuss with you your attitude to risk and what that means from an investment point of view. We will be able to tell whether this fits in with your expectations and is a true reflection of how you feel about risk.

  • We will also ask you to complete our authority letters that enable us to write to your existing plan providers to let us assess the suitability of what you have already.

  • Based on what we have established as your needs and objectives and what we have found out about your existing plans, we will then put your financial plan together recommending what you should do next.

Stage 2 - Implementation

If you would like us to put the plan in place for you we will prepare all of the paperwork required to make things as easy as possible for you. We will liaise with the providers to ensure as smooth a process as possible. We will also keep you updated on the progress.

Once everything has gone through, we will arrange a follow up meeting with you to go through everything.

Stage 3 - Ongoing Advice

We offer the following services as part of our ongoing advice programme:

  • Forward planning meetings – these are often the most valuable part of our ongoing advice. It is at these meetings where we can talk in broader terms about all of your financial matters and we can act as a sounding board for any plans that you may have. It is often at these meetings that we discuss spouse’s details, parents’ situations including inheritance tax planning or care, children's positions, gifting and using your tax allowances.

  • Investment review – we have set up an investment for you based on a specific objective and attitude to risk but what if that changes? We will talk to you at your forward planning meeting to decide if we need to make any fundamental changes. In addition, our Investment Committee meets quarterly to review and discuss the performance of your investments to make sure that they are taking the correct amount of risk for you and that they are performing as they should be. 

  • Taxation and legislation updates – nothing ever stays the same and rules are constantly changing. We keep up to date with everything that is going on and know how these changes may affect your personal circumstances, we will discuss these with you at your forward planning meetings.

  • Ad – hoc assistance – things can happen throughout the year and you can call us at any time to discuss any aspect of you or your family’s finances. 

  • Withdrawals - sometimes you need to take out some money at short notice and you need to know where best to take this from, based on an investment and tax point of view. We will help you with this and deal with the paperwork on your behalf. 

  • Occasionally the provider will correspond with you and we will deal with this correspondence on your behalf.

  • We don't bombard you by email but we do like to keep in touch. We email our newsletters about topical issues bi monthly and update you around budget and autumn statement time. We will then send out any articles that we feel will resonate with our clients. 

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We recognise that all clients do not have the same service requirements therefore even though we do provide a guideline by way of our bandings, you are free to choose the level of service that best suits your needs.  Our charges are guaranteed not to increase within the first 12 months of your contract with us.  Should we need to increase our charges after this period, you will be given notice of this fact and the opportunity to decide whether to continue with the revised level of charges. 

Our fees for our on-going management service will be detailed in our fee agreement.

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