Posted on 2nd December by Graham Laverick

Xmas Cheer

Well, it does at last seem that we have some good news to finish off 2020 which can be best described as been pretty awful.


The news on the vaccine rollout gives a strong light at the end of the tunnel with a return to normality in the Spring of 2021.


Investors should also remember the month of November after a market rally which eclipsed any other.


The FTSE is dominated by big name banking, energy and travel companies which have taken a battering throughout the pandemic.


It’s exposure to these old economy stocks is one of the reasons why the Footsie has underperformed most of its peers this year.


There are lots of predictions as to where the index will be in the summer of 2021 and we do not want to speculate.


What is particularly important is that markets do move upwards as quickly as it falls so trying to time the market before in terms of getting out and back in at the right time is virtually impossible.


Brexit could also give British equities a leg up. There is cautious optimism that an agreement between London and Brussels will be reached.


Analysts are also anticipating further injections of stimulus from governments and central banks another potential boon for stock markets.


The theory is that more government debt and the more money central banks print the more savers will want to own real assets or shares in them.


What is clear is that interest rates are going nowhere for the foreseeable future.


Please remember though we are not out of the woods just yet and expect wobbles along the way investment markets and currencies do not move in a straight line.


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