17th July 2020
The enforced lockdown has seen a surge of people writing or amending their wills. While sorting a will may be the first thought for many, equal consideration should be given to pension savings on death.... Read More

Building Financial Resilience

1st July 2020
One notable theme evident throughout the coronavirus lockdown has been ‘back to basics’ with people displaying an increased appetite for the simpler things in life. While not everyone has fully embraced Tom and Barbara’s ‘Good Life’ philosophy, home baking, gardening and knitting have all enjoyed a notable renaissance.... Read More

Know your numbers this tax year

1st July 2020
It’s well worth being aware of the tax allowances and exemptions available in 2020–21 to be able to maximise them for your own individual financial planning. Here are a few figures worth knowing: ... Read More

Timing pays off for the early bird ISA investor

1st July 2020
Early tax year ISA investors could be thousands of pounds better off, according to research3 looking at the investing habits of hypothetical ISA investors over the last 10 and 20 years. ... Read More

Reassurance for savers

1st July 2020
In the spring, a surge was reported in the number of people enquiring about and opening savings accounts, as they sought to secure the best rates, before interest rate cuts fed through to savings rates and to benefit from a secure home for their money.... Read More

Spreading risk has always made sense

1st July 2020
Almost exactly 50 years ago, a company few people had previously heard of was hitting the headlines as the price of its shares went stratospheric. A few months later it came back to earth with a crash. Fortunes were made and lost after mining company Poseidon announced the discovery of new nickel ore reserves in Western Australia just as world nickel prices hit a new high.... Read More

Keep your retirement plans on track

1st July 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic is having a widespread impact on all aspects of our finances, including retirement planning. However, while recent stock market volatility undoubtedly poses a challenge, particularly for those close to retirement, it is important not to allow the outbreak to derail your plans. ... Read More

Maintaining your protection cover is vitally important

1st July 2020
Financial hardship can strike when we least expect it, showing the importance of having protection cover in place as a safety net. ... Read More

Estate planning – making plans to protect your family’s financial future

1st July 2020
In addition to organising your finances to ensure your assets are protected for your loved ones on your death, estate planning also encompasses ensuring you have enough money to live on; it is a tenuous balance for many. A good starting point is obtaining a comprehensive view of your assets, to assess the value of your estate and ensuring you have the right documentation in place, such as Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) and the formation of any relevant trusts.... Read More

Focus on the horizon

1st July 2020
Investors will understandably be pondering their portfolios as economic challenges endure. You may have heard the age-old investment dictum – time in the market, not timing the market. If so, recent research7 has explored the concept, with some very compelling results.... Read More

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