Q3 UK GDP Growth

27th October 2016
UK GDP Growth better than expected in Q3, +0.5% vs Consensus of +0.3%... Read More

Another Nail in the Coffin for Annuities? By Graham Laverick

19th October 2016
Driving home last night listening to the news on the radio brought a smile to my face.... Read More

Using Pensions and Trusts for Inheritance Tax Planning by Simon Daykin

17th October 2016
The benefits of using pensions as a savings vehicle are well known – they offer excellent tax relief when paying in contributions, and also when withdrawing funds, dependent upon the client’s marginal tax rate. But there are other benefits to consider when using pensions as a savings vehicle, namely the potential relief from inheritance tax (IHT). With the new flexibilities around pension access (for those over 55), people are very keen to withdraw funds as soon as possible, however for those with estates potentially liable to Inheritance Tax, pensions should be really classed as ‘first in, last out’. ... Read More

Investment Commentary, Quarter 3 2016 by Chris Davis, Investment Director

7th October 2016
It appears that Central Bank economic policy around the world is at a tipping point and that lowering interest rates further is an unlikely course of action. Declining growth and inflation expectations in the developed world mean that interest rates will remain low for some time, but Central Banks (CB’s) focus appears to be on increasing the Quantitative Easing (QE) experiment and encouragement of Government fiscal policy. ... Read More

Why do I need to review my pension regularly even though I am not considering taking benefits?

5th October 2016
Following Brexit we are facing some very interesting times, with interest rates reducing yet again. But what has this got to do with your pension unless you are invested in a cash fund? Or are you in cash, unknowingly? Well the answer is, yes, you could unwittingly be in cash as many Pension Providers use what is known as a Lifestyle Fund. ... Read More

Prismatic Wealth Expand Management Team

3rd October 2016
We are delighted to annouce we have expanded our management team with two new appointments.... Read More