So it's Brexit - what next?

27th June 2016
However much you hanker for the good old days when Britain was an island walloping the French in the 100 years war or when the Anglo Saxons were being beaten up by the Vikings 500 years before that, it’s at moments like these when you should thank your lucky stars that you live in a Western democracy in the 21st century. Particularly if you are a politician. Because, even as disbelief mounted at the incoming weight of votes in favour of leaving the European Union on Thursday night, we also saw the blaming and recriminations get under way. Who knows what treats we are in over the coming days as both the main political parties in England are in disarray. ... Read More


10th June 2016
Traditionally, it was an almost universally accepted idea to take less investment risk in later retirement and beyond. Why? Because…... Read More