Posted on 4th March by Graham Laverick

Somehow the shortest month seemed like the longest month. The start of the month was wet and windy, cold and dark for most of my runs. One day I came in and had to put my hands under the cold water tap to warm them up.

On the plus side it is now less than 2 months to go and suddenly, like the daffodils that have appeared, early morning and late afternoon runs are now not in the dark.

My friend is running the London Marathon and he has a weekly blog which a lot of marathon runners are following. No joke, but last week he wanted to know how often people change their running tops and shorts and how many base layers they run in. All exciting stuff this marathon training.

For those of you who are interested, every run is with fresh gear. Our utility room is like a Chinese laundry at present and just full of running gear.

I have been asked about how much time this is taking and bearing in mind I have run for a number of years, the answer is not a lot more than I have been used to. The big difference is in the planning and to make sure I can get the runs in and not skip sessions.

Easier said than done and more so this month when we have a Budget coming up on the 16th March, end of year tax planning, Easter and also the wife’s birthday. So March is going to be a really busy month.

Mo Farrah nips off to Kenya for his warm weather training. I went to Barcelona last week! Alright, the wife wanted a winter break as she is fed up with all the banter of London this and London that. The weather was not too bad last week but on the last day we had sleet and rain. so much for the warm weather.

When you have to plan your training runs you are constantly looking at the weather forecast and most runners can cope with most conditions, however the killer is the wind. I do not know what it is but I have never run up a hill in the wind when it is not a head wind. Funny that.

No dog scares to report other than the usual “he’s alright he just wants to play with you” as the dog runs past and across you forcing yourself to stop.

So what do I do on my long runs – listen to music, think about the business and most importantly try and enjoy it because after all running is fun.

Do I take gels, do I take shots, and do I take sports drinks on my long runs? It is all about what you feel comfortable with and there is no right or wrong. Same as what you eat. Everyone has their own ideas but you have to do what is best for you and not to get totally immersed into it where nothing else is important.

I have been relatively injury free and I just need to get through the next 4 to 5 weeks and then I can start my taper which I will explain more how this works in my next up date.

Thank you for all the kind words of support I have received from many of you and the donations you have made.

As you know I have been asked if I have a charity that people can make a donation to and this is a local charity in the Teesside area, the Butterwick Hospice. I have set up a just giving page which is, should you wish to make a donation on line.

Finally, thanks to all the staff who must be getting bored with the same stories day in day out, only 7 weeks to go.