Budget Statement 2016 – Initial Analysis

17th March 2016
The Conservative government presented its 2016 Budget on 16th March 2016. The following summary provides an overview of the main points set out in the Budget and accompanying notes. Lifetime ISA From 6 April 2017, the government will introduce a brand new option for savers who are under age 40. Branded as the Lifetime ISA, this will give eligible savers the opportunity to save flexibly over the long term for a home and for retirement in one account. It’s also intended as a flexible alternative to pensions for the self-employed. Here’s some of the proposed detail: ... Read More

Plans To Cut Pension Tax Relief Have Been Dropped

7th March 2016
George Osbourne has now dropped plans to cut tax relief on pension contributions. The original plans to announce these changes in the Budget on 16th March would have meant that tax relief on pension contributions would have been altered, or cut completely, but pension pot withdrawals would have been tax free. ... Read More

Graham’s Marathon Training – February Update

4th March 2016
Somehow the shortest month seemed like the longest month. The start of the month was wet and windy, cold and dark for most of my runs. One day I came in and had to put my hands under the cold water tap to warm them up. On the plus side it is now less than 2 months to go and suddenly, like the daffodils that have appeared, early morning and late afternoon runs are now not in the dark. ... Read More