Posted on 4th February by Graham Laverick

Well thank goodness it is now February and it is starting to get lighter. Some of my long runs in early January saw me running through ankle deep water. The following week after a long run I had to put my hands under the cold water tap to warm them up. I seem to be constantly looking at the weather forecast. Believe me it’s no fun running up a hill with a gale force wind blowing in your face.

Lots of people give you advice on what you should be doing. If only life was so simple. There is also the matter of work and family life to fit in. Even for me going out at 6.15am for a run is no fun.

I went to raid the tin last night to find the Xmas cake had gone out to the birds. These must be the best fed birds in Co Durham. No biscuits and sweets. I haven’t got a clue how I am going to feel in a couple of months’ time.

My wife asked me if I would like to train without all the layers I have to put on -leggings, gloves and hat and of course I said yes. The following day I found out she had booked a week away in Spain and Italy for later this month. Not that she wanted a holiday! So it looks like a couple of long runs in Barcelona, which must be better than running around Brandon.

On a serious note, it is surprising how quickly you adept a half marathon at least once a week is just a normal run, the test is going to be the second half.

People do ask what you typically do training wise and its not just long runs. Its Kenyon’s, Hill Sessions, Pyramids and Gerihatricks, just to name a few. Next month I will give you a bit more detail of each.

My training partner who broke his leg is now back running so it looks like I have some company next month.

I have my just giving page all set up now which is for a local charity I have had dealings with for several years – The Butterwick Hospice –

Thank you to everyone who has offered to sponsor me and for your support, it is very much appreciated.

Kind Regards