Posted on 25th January by Graham Laverick

Well last year was one of those milestone years and as some of you know, I am a keen runner.

Having had a few beers after a session, I said that I was wanting to run the London Marathon. Having entered the ballot and getting rejected I thought that was the end of it. However, at the beginning of November my name came out in the club ballot.

So from the highs of ‘great’ to ‘bloody hell how I am going to run 26.2 miles at the end of April’.

Don’t worry, I was told one of my mates was going to train with me and make sure I stick to my training plan.

Our first run and after 2 miles he fell in a pothole and when he finally went to A&E they told him he had broken his leg. So that’s the effect I have.

So after getting into the swing of things, I have now done a full month of marathon training. Only 12 weeks to go. I am going to let everyone know what I am doing in a light hearted way and hopefully raise some cash for a very good cause, the Butterwick Hospice.

Friday nights are not down the pub, but pounding the streets of Brandon and Durham.

Everyone in the office seems to have a cold, so every morning I have a spray up my nose to stop me getting one too.

Salads and soup have replaced the vast amount of bread I was eating.

I thought going out on some of the runs would be lonely but this has not been the case, I just wish I could get out more in daylight but sadly I have too many clients to see during the day.

I will be sending you an update on how dry January has gone in early February.