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At Prismatic Wealth Limited we have a highly qualified team of advisers and support staff dedicated to providing you with top quality service. Read more to meet the team…

Graham Laverick - Role Unknown - Prismatic Wealth

Graham Laverick

Managing Director

Date Joined: Too long ago (some of my team were not even born!)

What does your role involve: The majority of my time is spent helping clients through the financial services jungle and jargon.

Likes: Helping clients enjoy a long and fruitful retirement, solving problems and dealing with nice people.

Dislikes: Newcastle United (you would expect this from a Mackem), the paperwork the industry produces and poor service.

Hobbies: All sports including football, following for over 25years my adopted North East team Sunderland, running, cricket and cycling. Is looking after grandchildren a hobby?

Favourite Holiday: Many places but it has to be either Barbados enjoying a rum punch watching England pile on the runs against the West Indies or Kho Samui, Thailand

Gillian MacKenzie - Role Unknown - Prismatic Wealth

Gillian MacKenzie

Chartered Financial Planner

Date Joined: September 2004

What does your role involve: meeting new clients and forging long-lasting relationships to help clients formulate their financial plans.

Likes: Sunshine, being beside the sea, hot tubs.

Dislikes: Unfairness, butter, political journalists.

Hobbies: Dog walking, weekend breaks in Scotland, time with family and friends.

Favourite Holiday: I can’t choose a favourite, I like trying new places.

Vicky Harrison - Unknown Role - Prismatic Wealth

Vicky Harrison

DipPFS, BA (Hons), Director

Date Joined: March 2004

What does your role involve: Ensuring the company runs smoothly, from finances, compliance, HR, marketing, operations and training.

Likes: long sunny days with my two boys, champagne, fresh bed linen

Dislikes: Bad drivers, coffee, spelling mistakes

Hobbies: HIIT workouts, long walks with my littlest boy in his pushchair, eating out

Favourite Holiday: Hawaii

Juan Marin

Juan Marin

Adviser Employee Benefits

Date Joined: July 2017

What does your role involve: Helping employers and employees understand their pensions and employee benefits. Making pensions and employee benefits accessible, relevant and life changing.  

Likes: Good food, good conversation and good company (in any order)

Dislikes: Rubbish food, traffic jams, PPI calls

Hobbies: Spending time with the family, eating out, travelling and exploring new places.   

Favourite Holiday: Favourite holidays to date is travelling around Spain with the family. But there are too many nice places in the UK/world still to be visited!

Simon Daykin

DipPFS, BEng Hons, Financial Adviser

Date Joined: September 2016

What does your role involve: Working with clients to design and implement financial planning solutions.

Likes: Track days, cheesecakes (preferably family sized), snow 

Dislikes: Completing paragraphs about myself!

Hobbies: Participating in sports which mainly involve sitting down (rowing, mountain biking) or going down mountains fast (snowboarding).  Supporting local football (Middlesbrough) and rugby (Guisborough) teams – despite the frequent pain it involves!  Trying to keep up with my daughters.

Favourite Holiday: Hard to choose here so I’m cheating by splitting a fortnight between snowboarding in the Alps and getting some sun in Mexico.

Amdrea Softley - Role Unknown - Prismatic Wealth

Andrea Softley


Date Joined: November 2012

What does your role involve: Working as Gillian’s assistant to help with all aspects of client work and administration.

Likes: Holidays, eating out and Harry Potter

Dislikes: Thunderstorms, snakes and horror films

Hobbies: Dog walking, spinning and camping

Favourite Holiday: Calgary, Canada

Rebecca Palmer - Senior Associate - Prismatic Wealth

Rebecca Palmer

DipPFS, Head of Paraplanning

Date Joined: March 2013

What does your role involve: corresponding with clients, research, processing new business, report writing and servicing/managing clients.

Likes: Sunny days on the beach, Dogs, Thai Food.

Dislikes: Winter, heights and exams!

Hobbies: Dog walking, reading and visiting new places.

Favourite Holiday: America.

Donna Molloy - Role Unknown - Prismatic Wealth

Donna Molloy

Employee Benefits

Date Joined: January 2012

What does your role involve: engaging with corporate clients on aspects of their pension and group risk schemes, assisting individual group scheme members with any queries

Likes: Spending time with family, holidays and chocolate

Dislikes: having to sing the same nursery rhyme time 100 times a day! Noisy eaters (I’ve heard this is an official condition) and having an untidy house

Hobbies: Going to the gym, ironing and singing nursery rhymes

Favourite Holiday: New York

Amy Wakeford - Associate - Prismatic Wealth

Amy Wakeford

Employee Benefits

Date Joined: November 2014.

What does your role involve: Helping manage our Corporate client schemes, dealing with both employers and employees of organisations.

Likes: Dogs, food and holidays.

Dislikes: Spiders, being cold & being hungry.

Hobbies: Walking my dogs, binge watching TV series and going to the gym.

Favourite Holiday: Dubai.

John Doe 1 - Role Unknown - Prismatic Wealth

Carl Simpson

Operations Manager

Date Joined: August 2001

What does your role involve: Maintaining everyday running of the office, assisting with finance, staff training and keeping everyone sane (failing miserably on that last one).

Likes: Thunderstorms (sorry Andrea), beer gardens, animals.

Dislikes: Small Talk (want to know what the weathers like, look out a window), reality TV, reality TV (mentioned this twice as I really dislike it).

Hobbies: Socialising (yes this does involve alcohol), taking my dogs for a walk, drawing.

Favourite Holiday: Lake District

Kay Clark - Role Unknown - Prismatic Wealth

Kay Clark


Date Joined: July 2011

What does your role involve: Having worked for several major High St. Banks and the Civil Service I enjoy using my many years of experience in finance and administration to fulfil my role with Prismatic Wealth and I make a lovely cup of tea!

Likes: Holidays, socialising with friends and spa days

Dislikes: Bad weather, traffic jams, opinionated people (who have no idea what they are talking about) and automated phone calls that keep you hanging on.

Hobbies: Spending time with my family and finding new places to visit, walking and flower arranging.

Favourite Holiday: Holiday home in Spain but really anywhere as long it is sunny, has places to visit and has lots of restaurants

Dawn Burchmore - Role Unknown - Prismatic Wealth

Dawn Burchmore


Date Joined: March 2014

What does your role involve: Ensuring all visitors and callers receive a warm and friendly welcome when contacting or visiting Prismatic Wealth. Booking appointments and administration work. Provide tea and coffee and occasional buffets.

Likes: I like doing my gardening. I enjoy meeting friends for a warm scone and jam with a cuppa and enjoy my Monday’s off.

Dislikes: Driving, cycling don’t do gears and my kids when they think they know it all.

Hobbies: Zumba, gym, long walks in the country and playing my clarinet in the Wind Band.                                   

Favourite Holiday: A week on a canal boat with friends. A week felt like a month. Very relaxing.

Tom Horner

BA Hons, Graduate Financial Administrator

Date Joined: November 2016

What does your role involve: I provide general support for all paraplanners and advisers. I am also responsible for completing cashflow forecasts.

Likes: Anything Football related, Alan Partridge, Annoying Carl Simpson!

Dislikes: Pigeons (essentially a flying rat!), visits to IKEA, and people who spell Teesside with one S!

Hobbies: Playing 5-a-side to a world-class standard (at least in my head!), building Lego (Yes, I am genuinely in my twenties), following the Boro!

Favourite Holiday: Tough one, but Florida. There is something different to do everyday!

Paula Smith

Financial Administrator

Date Joined: November 2016

What does your role involve: To provide a main point of contact for many Corporate Clients. Overseeing SIPPs and SSASs and also providing day to day administration support to Graham and Simon with both existing and new client work.

Likes: Organisation (I do admit to being a little OCD!), Sunny days at the coast, BBQs in the garden with family and friends, travelling.

Dislikes: Rudeness, winter; especially driving in the snow, queueing.

Hobbies: Getting together with family and friends, walking the dog, trying new restaurants, spending time with my daughter.

Favourite Holiday: Australia

Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson

Financial Administrator

Date Joined: June 2017

What does your role involve: Getting updates on plans, making phone calls and preparing meeting packs.

Likes: Holidays, socialising with friends and eating out.

Dislikes: Cats, exams and bad weather.

Hobbies: Spending time with friends and family, travelling and watching television.

Favourite Holiday: Dominican Republic.


Joanne Pearson

Assistant Adviser, DipFA

Date Joined: October 2017

What does your role involve: Learning the ropes to become a full pensions adviser

Likes: Riding my horse (when she behaves herself!), sunny Autumn mornings, Rose Wine

Dislikes: Dark cold mornings, the A19, rats

Hobbies: Horse riding, walking my dog, football (watching not playing)

Favourite Holiday: Florida, an amazing place to take children and wear them out!!