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“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

Albert Einstein

The Investment Review is a consultancy service, providing a complete range of services designed to allow you to make more informed decisions. Designed for private clients, charities, trustees and corporates to enable them to understand the intricacies of asset management.

We can cover all areas of the investment spectrum; however, the service typically falls within the following areas …

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The determining of investment objectives is a very important part of any investment agreement. Without an objective or goal, how can one measure whether you are achieving or not

Objective setting covers a range of topics, which will determine several key inputs to then identify the correct investment strategy capable of meeting the client’s needs. It will develop amongst other things, a mutual understanding of the client’s tolerance for risk, aspirations for return, need for liquidity, and requirements for income, tax position, existing assets and any investment biases.

This also links into defining Strategy

We can help you to define your objectives, then create and monitor your Strategic Asset Allocation.


Once you have set your objectives, the next step is to identify a suitable benchmark to which you can then judge performance and risk against.

A good investment benchmark must be appropriate, investible, transparent and achievable.  We can help set up and calculate your custom and market benchmarks.


Understanding the risk in portfolios and what ‘risk measures’ mean are the most important aspects of asset management.

Standard deviation is often used as a proxy for Risk, but the probability of capital loss is often a more appropriate measure. In truth, there are many types of risk, but volatility is perhaps the least relevant of them all.

We help people understand the risks they are taking (or their investment managers are taking), and how that relates to their objectives.


Everyone invests for some performance related reason – it may be targeting absolute returns or relative to market benchmark.

But is the result good or bad? How was the result achieved? Was it a function of luck or skill or a combination of both.

We can help you understand the results, to make better informed decisions now and for the future.


Buy, Sell, Add, Reduce or Hold. Whatever the choice is we can provide the options you need to make rational, more informed decisions for the long-term performance of your assets.

Whether you need help with Asset Allocation construction, need advice on fund manager search and selection or someone to tell you what it all means, we can help.

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