Corporate Planning Services

Corporate Planning Services

As business owners, your time is best spent doing what you are good at.  But often you spend so much time concentrating on running your business, that you potentially leave yourself open in other areas.

As corporate planning specialists, we can look at the whole of your business, show you where you are vulnerable and we aim to offer cost effective solutions.

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Corporate Pension Planning


Group Personal Pension Schemes - We can advise on setting up or reviewing your existing scheme, tailoring our advice to provide group presentations and ongoing pension clinics.

Salary Saver - We can discuss the benefits of paying your pension from gross pay rather than net, saving National Insurance for you and your employees.

Retiring Employees - We can offer individual advice to those members of your staff who are nearing retirement and are looking to take benefits.

Defined Benefit Schemes - Whilst defined benefit pensions are gradually diminishing, there are still many schemes in place.  If you have an existing final salary scheme, which you may be considering winding up or need help administering, we have a great deal of expertise in running these schemes.

Auto Enrolment - Research suggests it will take 140 working hours for a small business to process Auto-Enrolment.  We can provide a straightforward, efficient and cost effective Auto-Enrolment solution.

SIPP – Directors and Senior Managers may require a more bespoke pension solution, offering a wider range of funds or possibly investing in commercial property.

SSAS – Designed for business owner managers, a Small Self-Administered Scheme can offer a number of benefits, such as providing finance and purchasing commercial property to lease back to the business.

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Auto Enrolment

Research suggests it will take 140 working hours for a small business to process Auto-Enrolment.  

However, if you do not want to become pension experts, we have the solution. We can provide a straightforward, efficient and cost effective Auto-Enrolment solution for small businesses.

We charge an initial fee which covers:

  • Setting up a Workplace Pension Scheme.
  • Assessing your Workforce.
  • Upgrading and integrating payroll.
  • Keeping records and reports.
  • Completing your Declaration of Compliance.

We also charge a monthly fee for ongoing support and maintaining Compliance Standard Reports. 


Months to Staging Date Initial Fee Monthly Fee
1-10 11-25 26-49
 18+ months £500.00 £20 £30 £40
 17-6 months  £600.00 
 6-2 months  £750.00
 Less than 2 months  £1,000.00

Prices do not include VAT.  Monthly fee is per employer by monthly standing order, minimum 24 month contract.  Monthly fee begins 3 months before staging date.


We perform due diligence on behalf of our clients by looking at the market and selecting a pension scheme provider for each individual employer.


Ideally you should start planning 12 months before your staging date.  The earlier you start to prepare, the smoother the transition will be.

Your staging date is when your obligations as an employer start.  Staging dates depend on the number of employees and for those employing less than 30 depends on your PAYE reference number.

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Health and Wellbeing






Death In Service – this pays a tax free lump sum to an employee’s nominated beneficiary.  It is usually calculated as a multiple of salary or a flat lump sum for all staff.

Income Protection – group income protection policies pay out a percentage of an employee’s salary if they are unable to work due to long term sickness, thus relieving the employer of the burden of potentially covering the cost.  

Private Medical Insurance – this is a taxable benefit to cover an employee’s private medical treatment.  

Health Cash Plans – Health Cash Plans are becoming more popular amongst employers, due to their low cost per employee and the perceived benefits to staff.  Even the basic policies will reimburse staff for dental and optical treatment, chiropractors, physio and acupuncture for as little as less than £10 per employee per month.

Critical Illness – this provides an employee with a tax free lump sum on the diagnosis of a critical illness as listed within the policy conditions.


It is important to show your employees the true benefit of the rewards and benefits you provide.  We can provide Retirement Education Statements which shows your employees the income they can expect to receive at retirement, allowing them to take ownership of their own retirement.  Total Reward Statements show the value of the rewards, benefits and perks you provide to your employees.


Every employee is different and has different needs, therefore why not develop a range of flexible 

benefits that all employees can enjoy.  There are many other benefits you can consider offering your 

staff, such as childcare vouchers, cycle to work schemes, gym membership, car allowance and share 


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Business Protection

Too few businesses have any insurance to cover the one eventuality that can literally mean the end of the business and the income it provides – the death or illness (including critical illness) of a key person.


People are often a company’s biggest asset and losing a key person can be very damaging. The business could be hit by a loss of profit, reduced sales, recruitment/training costs, or disruption to their plans. 

That’s why key person protection makes good business sense. To help reduce the financial impact on your business, you can take out a life insurance plan, with or without optional critical illness cover, to cover the life of the key person.


According to a Legal & General survey, over 50% of businesses have no share protection in place*.  For these businesses, they are leaving themselves open to the threat of a significant proportion of the shares within their business passing to a family member upon the death of a business owner.

Shareholder Protection allows the remaining partners, shareholding directors or members to remain in control of the business.  It provides a lump sum which would be used to buy the deceased members interest in the business and could also include critical illness cover.

Questions to think about in uncovering your business continuity needs:

  • Would there be a financial impact on the business if one or more of the directors/partners or key individuals were no longer around?

  • Would the business or its owners have the cash to survive?

  • How quickly would the business owners need the cash?

  • Are there any liabilities?

  • Do you know the value of the business?

  • What do you want to happen to your share of the business on your death and/or critical illness?

  • Could the remaining shareholders/partners/members afford to buy your share of the business?

  • Is there a shareholder/partnership agreement in place?


We have expertise in all areas of Corporate Planning, from ensuring the business is protected sufficiently, to providing employee benefits solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business.  We will spend time understanding your business and needs to tailor a cost effective solution, taking the burden from you and allowing you to concentrate on your business.

*L&G Business Protection Research, 31 October 2014

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